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Fertilisation with Donor Cells

Sperm donation programme with an individual donor selected specifically for you

What is sperm donation?

Sperm donation is an anonymous programme under which a donor donates his sperm to a couple with male fertility problems and who dream of having a baby. Assisted reproduction (in vitro) with donor sperm is one of the most successful infertility treatment methods because it involves using germ cells from healthy, young donors. During the assisted reproduction cycle with the donor’s sperm, the oocytes retrieved from the female donor or patient are combined with the patient’s partner´s or donor’s sperm to produce an embryo, which is then transferred into the patient’s uterus.

Northway Fertility Centre offers its patients:

  • 2 embryos of good quality at the blastocyst stage
  • Embryos for cryopreservation for your baby to have brothers or sisters

Indications for sperm donation:

  • Established poor semen parameters (low semen count, motility);
  • ejaculatory dysfunction;
  • high risk of transmission of a disease that may lead to disability;
  • the male is the carrier of a sexually-transmitted disease.

Information about donors

Donors are selected based on strict criteria. To become a donor, candidates undergo medical screening to avoid any disorders or conditions which could affect the baby’s health. Medical specialists carefully evaluate the results of the screening. The donor’s family is also checked for the absence of any known genetic disorders. The donor’s mental health is also subject to checks.

Each donor signs a consent form under which the donor, according to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, agrees to donate his sperm to an undisclosed recipient couple.

Sperm donation is anonymous. The patients will not be able to see the donor’s picture, meet him, nor obtain any personal information about him. However, when choosing a donor, the patient may learn the following general information about him: age, hair colour, eye colour, weight, height, blood group, RH factor, education, hobbies.

How to participate in the sperm programme

If you are interested in the sperm donation programme, please contact Programme Coordinator Kristina Mateikienė by phone on 8 611 19217 or email at She will be able to answer any questions you may have.

You will be welcome at our centre!



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