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“Biodex 4” Muscle assessment and training system

“Biodex 4” is a modern muscle assessment and training system that helps patients to recover from leg muscle, ligament or joint traumas or damages more quickly, it also maximally lessens their probability and is very effective in training leg muscles.

For more than a quarter of century this system is acknowledged all over the world as the most reliable and safest method to assess and train muscles. With the “Biodex 4” testing system, very comprehensive data regarding human muscles are received which helps medical specialists to determine very accurate diagnosis. Therefore, it is possible to prescribe a much more efficient rehabilitation for patients or prevent future traumas. Previously it was impossible to objectively assess muscle condition without invasive procedures. With "Biodex 4" it is easy to determine muscle strength, how various muscles work alternately, and what is the endurance of muscles.

Muscle testing system helps plan rehabilitation and training programs for professional or amateur athletes in order to avoid possible traumas and improve results. The "Biodex 4" system assesses the risk of traumas, and its indicators also help determine what sport a child should choose according to their physical abilities.

The "Biodex 4" system is multifunctional - it not only helps determine a patient's muscle condition; an injured or healthy person can also train using it. With the help of this isokinetic system a patient's leg muscles recover faster, and duration of the disability shortens.

Functional state of thigh muscles must be determined for patients after traumas or surgeries of front and back knee ligament, meniscus and other knee joint structures. Testing is necessary after prolonged presence in a splint or cast, in case of clear unilateral or bilateral leg muscle hypotrophy. The system is important in order to assess the efficiency of rehabilitation.