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Correction of hammer toes

In the case of deformity of hammer toes, one or several toes bend in the joint. This illness may be caused by inherited muscle pathology or abnormal length of bones, bad foot mechanics. But it often develops while wearing uncomfortable footwear. The illness injures 2nd and 3rd toes. The bent toe is exposed to friction in the shoe, causing formation of callosities. When the deformity of hammer toes is flexible, it is possible to extend the bent toe in the injured joint. Eventually this injury aggravates, and the toe loses the flexibility.

This pathology is followed by such symptoms as callosities, inflammation, and pain. It is allowed to use special silicone insoles that are put on the toes from the above or impressed between the toes. Another step is a procedure, which aims to change or extend the site where tendon that bends the toe is fixed.