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Northway Aesthetic Surgery Centre offers all face and body plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeries in “Northway“ Aesthetic Medicine Centre:

protruding ears;
upper eyelid plastic surgery;
nose plastic surgery;
breast augmentation;
breast reduction;
breast lifting;
tummy tuck and liposuction;
calf plastic surgery;
buttock surgery;
scar plastic surgery.

Corrections with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections:

filling the wrinkles with hyaluronic acid injections;
wrinkle correction with botulinum toxin injections;
lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections;
cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections;
nose, lips correction with hyaluronic acid injections;
excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) treatment with botulinum toxin injections.